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Diana Henderson
 Reiki Master & Teacher since 1998

Holistic HealingClasses


Each of us has the capacity to heal. Those innate healing gifts often lie dormant or untapped as a result of neglect or negative programming early in life. My goal is to help others awaken the healer within and open to their unique gifts. It's time for all of us to take an active role in embracing our wholeness.

Through my own healing process, I was guided to learn many modalities in order to invite wholeness on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In my classes, I share the wisdom gained from personal healing experiences, from many years walking the path of the healer, teacher and intuitive, as well as from extensive training.

I teach a wide range of experiential workshops and classes designed to empower your wholeness process and assist in the realization of your goals and dreams. Whether your desire is to access healing abilities, achieve greater harmony in your life, relieve stress and accept inner peace, develop or increase intuitive awareness, or empower all aspects of life, there's a class that may suit your needs. I offer training in these areas: Reiki, Meditation, Intuition, Crystals and Energetic Cleansing as well as DNA Activation Workshops.  I also assist my husband in teaching one of the most empowering classes I've ever experienced, the Purpose-Powered Professional™.  Click here to read testimonials about this amazing program.

I am available for appointments and classes in Cary and Raleigh, North Carolina. I also sometimes teach or hold sessions elsewhere in the Triangle and occasionally in Greensboro. If interested in booking a session or signing up for a workshop, contact me by email by clicking here or call 919-552-0524.

Diana's photo My journey as a healer began in 1996 when I was first introduced to Reiki. At the time, I sought healing and relief from chronic pain resulting from a debilitating car accident. Little did I know what an amazing path was in store from that moment forward! After Reiki training in 1997, I gratefully embraced my true calling and began a practice. I became a Reiki Master in 1998 and quickly found that teaching Reiki classes and working with clients renewed my sense of purpose and instilled joy beyond my imagining. I felt as if I were "coming home" to the truth of my soul!

I continued to learn new holistic tools and was certified in DNA Activation, a process for self-healing and mastery, in 1999. Certification in Therapeutic Breathwork, a breathing technique that allows clients in session to "re-take" their first breath to release the painful impressions imprinted at birth, followed in 2000.  During many years of study and practice, I've also taken courses in Esoteric Healing, Advanced Energy, Quantum Touch™, Tibetan Chakra Toning, and Muscle Testing, among many others on this path of remembering my wholeness.

Much of my work as a healer/teacher focuses on assisting others in opening to their gifts, embracing health and enhancing their spiritual connection. In addition to practicing alternative healing modalities, I teach classes in all levels of Reiki, Energetic Cleansing, Intuition, Crystals, Chakra Balancing, Meditation, DNA Activation and more.

Through the years, I've come to realize that nothing on my path was wasted time. My work as a graphic designer, writer and high school English teacher contributes to the path I walk now as teacher, spiritual counselor, energetic artist, and healing facilitator.

I am so grateful to have aligned with my soul purpose and found the work that brings me bliss!  One of the most fulfilling aspects of my work comes from assisting others in doing the same.

Licensed by the State of North Carolina in the Art of Healing
Member,  International Association of Reiki Professionals

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