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Hastening the Journey to Enlightenment

DNA Activation & Healing Practitioner

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DNA Healing Techniques

Bring forth your self-love, self-trust and empowerment.
Discover your self-truth and self-mastery.

Set in motion the long-awaited healing capacities of your DNA on all levels:
Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual!

DNA Activation
DNA Activation allows us to access the subtle energies of life that exist within us in order to achieve self-mastery and quicken the journey into higher consciousness. Human DNA currently consists of two strands, known as a double helix. DNA Activation involves bringing in 10 more latent or "virtual" strands (five pairs) of DNA and stacking them on top of the original double helix.

Activating these additional strands of Communication, Perfection, E-motion, Creativity and Immortality enables our DNA Intelligence to connect with the Divine and manifest our truest desires. The process is performed energetically and thus involves no needles or drawing of blood!

Once activated, our DNA responds to our commands opening a doorway to endless possibilities for growth and achievement. Thousands of people have been activated and have found the experience life-altering in the most positive sense. Just a few of the effects that have been reported include increased health and vitality, enhanced connection to and communication with the Divine, greater understanding and acceptance of self and others, ability to co-create and manifest.

Some have used DNA Activation techniques to quit smoking, lose weight, let go of fears, anxieties and emotional blockages, experience increased patience, become motivated to achieve goals, promote a healthier, happier life and much more! Imagine creating your life, manifesting it out of love with all the force of the Divine and your DNA - that Divine spark within - behind you.


Diana Henderson and her husband Drew Becker became certified in the DNA Activation Process in 1999* after being trained in DNA Healing Techniques through Oughten House Foundation. Diana is a Reiki Master Teacher who is certified in Therapeutic Breathwork and Lightwave Energy and trained in several modalities including Quantum Touch™, Esoteric Healing, Advanced Energy, Angel Light Healing, Muscle Testing (kineseology) and Energy Dowsing.

Personal and Professional Coach, Astrologer and Reiki Master Drew Becker has also studied Advanced Energy, Spirituality and numerous other metaphysical topics. Drew currently works primarily in branding, marketing, training and coaching.

Both are former high school English teachers who now use their teaching skills in Reiki, astrology and other classes as well as DNA Activation workshops.

*We chose not to renew the annual certification requirements with Oughten House but have continued to use the techniques and have performed hundreds of DNA Activations during the years since the initial training and certification.

Diana is licensed by the State of North Carolina in the Art of Healing.


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