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DNA Activation allows us to access the subtle energies of life that exist within us in order to achieve self-mastery and quicken the journey into higher consciousness. Human DNA currently consists of two strands, known as a double helix. DNA Activation involves bringing in 10 more latent or "virtual" strands (five pairs) of DNA and stacking them on top of the original double helix.

Activating these additional strands of Communication, Perfection, E-motion, Creativity and Immortality enables our DNA Intelligence to connect with the Divine and manifest our truest desires. The process is performed energetically and thus involves no needles or drawing of blood!

Once activated, our DNA responds to our commands opening a doorway to endless possibilities for growth and achievement. Thousands of people have been activated and have found the experience life-altering in the most positive sense. Just a few of the effects that have been reported include increased health and vitality, enhanced connection to and communication with the Divine, greater understanding and acceptance of self and others, ability to co-create and manifest.

The DNA Activation Process

DNA Activation is a two-step process:

The First Activation, which performs this process on two archetypal chromosomes, Youth and Vitality, takes place in a private or group setting. A 2-1/2-hour group session/workshop costs $99 per person. The private session generally takes about 90 minutes and costs $111. Private sessions are available either in person at Diana's office in Raleigh or by phone.

The Second Activation, scheduled after the first, is always a private session experienced either in person or by phone. The session is more personally directed toward the activated individual. Cost is $144.

The first activation workshop includes:

The second activation session includes:

How to Register

You may contact Diana at (919) 552-0524 for more information or email by clicking here.


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